5 Amazing Paper Jewelry Artists

Ready to get inspired?

Check out these 5 absolutely amazing paper jewelry artists from around the world.  They all push the limits when it comes to designing with paper, going well beyond the traditional paper bead.


1. Tia Kramer

Natural and Architectural Sculpture Becomes Wearable Art

Website: tiakramerjewelry.com

If you have January’s edition of American Craft Magazine or if you watch Martha Stewart Living, then you may have seen the articles on Tia Kramer.

Tia is an American artist who creates handmade jewelry from handmade paper. An installation artist, her jewelry designs were inspired by her installation sculptures. Tia makes and sells earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more and even can do custom designs.  (Check out her website list above for contact info.)


Beautiful Geometric Shapes of Handmade Paper. Jewelry by Tia Kramer


2. Sarah Kelly

Paper jewelry with laser-cut precision and intricate beauty

Website: Sarah Kelly is the brainchild behind the paper jewelry store, Saloukee www.saloukee.com

Sarah Kelly is an English jewelry designer whose designs have a haute couture appeal.  Her company, Saloukee, sells paper necklaces, bracelets, earrings, corsages, rings, cufflinks. The intricate laser cutting in each piece’s design creates her signature look.

She enjoys teaching others about paper jewelry and recently released a book called Design and Make Paper Jewellery

You can buy Design and Make Paper Jewellery on Amazon. I’ve ordered my copy – it’s in the mail!


Intricate Designs in Paper that is Laser Cut and Folded. Jewelry by Sarah Kelly (Saloukee)


3. Nel Linssen

Capturing the Beauty in Natural Rhythms

Website: www.nellinssen.nl

Nel Linssen is a jewelry artist from the Netherlands.  Her jewelry is simply beautiful and has been displayed in many museum jewelry collections.

Deceptively simple looking, the design is inspired by mathematical elements from botanical rhythms and structures.

Beautiful Paper Bracelets by Nel Linssen


4. Janna Syvanoja

Paper Jewelry with Beautiful Organic Shapes

Website: www.charonkransenarts.com/artists/syvanoja.html

Janna Syvanoja is a Finnish designer with a background in furniture and interior design.  She creates with recycled paper and steel wire.

Her pieces have a definite organic look — like growth, and her artist statement explains that the words on the paper represent communication between people.  Her art is exhibited all around the world, including the American Craft Museum in New York.

Recycled Paper and Steel Wire Necklaces by Janna Syvanoja


5. Li-Chu Wu

Layers of Paper Growing Outward

Website: lichuwu.co.uk

Li-Chu Wu is a Taiwanese paper jewelry artist with education in metalsmithing and jewelry design. She is based in Birmingham UK.  Li-Chu uses both paper and silver in her jewelry. Her unique artistic style is characterized by layers and  layers of paper paper growing outward from a central point.

She sells her jewelry online.

Layered Paper Jewelry by Li-Chu Wu


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