How to Make Paper Beads from Rolled Paper

Rolled paper beads are fun and fast to make. You can go green and use old newpaper, magazines, or mail. Or you can use store-bought scrap booking paper or other types of paper.

This tutorial will show you how to make 2 shapes of rolled beads – oval and cone.

(When you finish making beads, bling them up by reading 5 great ways to decorate handmade beads.)

Materials needed for making rolled paper beads:

  • Download and print the 1/2 inch Bead Template (pdf)
  • Paper
  • Glue – Mod Podge from your local craft storeworks well and will also seal the bead. Don’t go swimming with your bead or dunk it in water, but it should be able to withstand a little bit of moisture without any problems.
  • Wax Paper to dry the beads on
  • Scissors
  • Bead Roller (I prefer to use a metal dowel from a local store called Hobby Works.) But you can use a straw or a toothpick in a pinch. I find the metal dowels easier to work with because the glue wipes off easily and you can make a nice small hole in the bead. Plus, you can get them in different bore sizes. (See more bead rollers here:  Get Rolling! A Review of 5 Kits for Making Paper Beads)

    DIY – Bead Rollers

The shape and thickness of the cut paper will determine the final shape of the bead. Thicker paper makes thicker, rounder beads (surprised?). You may need to experiment with length and thickness of the paper before getting what you want.

How to Make an Oval Paper Bead

1. Download and print the  1/2 inch Bead Template

2. Print out template and place the paper with the wrong side up in the center of the template.

3.  Starting at #1, draw straight lines from where the edge of the paper and template lines intersect to the next number.  Go in numerical order. This will make long triangles.

Place your paper on top of the template and draw your lines.

Drawing the Lines on the Paper



4. Cut along the lines to cut out your beads. (Discard the right and left edges of the paper sheet since they won’t be triangular.)

Cutting along the lines

Lots of Triangles!


5. Starting 2 inches from the wider end, apply glue all the way to the top on the side of the paper triangle that  you don’t want to see. (The “wrong” side)

Apply glue starting about 2 inches from wider edge


6. Lay your roller over your paper 1 inch from the wider end. Fold the end of the paper over the roller and apply a drop of glue on the edge of the paper.

Apply a dab of glue to the other side


7. Pick up the paper and the roller – slide the wider edge of the paper to line up approximately with the roller.

Starting to roll the paper

Starting to roll the paper


8. Start rolling your paper, making sure the ends is tucked in under the paper.


9. Roll your paper all the way to the end of the triangle making sure the paper stays centered on the bead that you are forming.

Rolling an oval bead. Keep the paper centered.


Finished Oval Bead!


10.  Smooth on a very small dab of Mod Podge to seal the outside and then gently slide it off of the dowel. Place the bead gently onto wax paper and let dry for an hour or so.

Let your brand new bead dry on wax paper.



11.  Time to make your next bead!

IMPORTANT: Before making the next bead, make sure you wipe all traces of glue off the roller or else your bead will stick to it.



Basic Rolled Beads – Oval and Cone Shaped


Paper Bead Variation: How to Make a Cone Shaped Paper Bead

Do steps 1-5 from the oval bead.  (You can use the same template as you used for the oval beads.)

And the secret to a cone shape is….While rolling, make sure the paper stays lined up to one side of the bead you are forming.

Rolling a Cone Shaped Bead. Keep paper aligned to 1 side.


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