Make a Beaded Yarn and T-shirt Bracelet

Photo of yarn and tshirt bracelet

Beaded yarn and t-shirt bracelet

What to do with a growing  yarn stash?

Although I love making beads, I also have quite a stash of yarn that keeps growing and growing.  (It’s kind of funny in a way since I don’t really knit or crochet a lot. )

So, lately  I’ve been designing jewelry projects that use yarn along with beads.

This bracelet pretty simple to make.  You can make one in about 30 minutes to an  hour. This is a fun craft that is simple enough for older kids and teens to try out.

Supplies and Tools:

  • An old T-shirt
  • Several balls of yarn in different colors
  • Beads with a pretty wide hole. (9 mm Pony Beads work well.  Paper beads would work well too!)
  • Glue – Like Elmers glue
  • Scissors

Here’s a YouTube video tutorial I put together for making a DIY bracelet.

Get Creative with Yarn and Beads

Using a bunch of different yarns allows you to create some fun and funky designs.  Explore using different types and shapes of beads.  You might even be able to use other objects like buttons — basically anything that is fairly small and can be strung onto the yarn.

Although I didn’t use paper beads in this tutorial, even they could be substituted for the beads used in this video. Learn how to make paper beads.


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