Make the Holidays Sparkle with a DIY Resin Necklace

Resin jewelry is really popular nowindays.  I like resin because it goes really well with paper jewelry and you can use it to make unique and durable pendants.

How to make a Resin Christmas Pendant

This resin necklace would make a nice Christmas gift!

In this tutorial, we are going to make a sparkly necklace using resin, wire, and recycled paper. You’ll be able to wear it for the holidays or give it to friend for Christmas!

Resin takes about 48 hours harden completely, so this isn’t a last minute type of project.  Be sure to give yourself a couple of days to complete it.

What you’ll need to make a sparkly resin pendant:

  • Scrap paper (I used a Christmas sales flyer and some old wrapping paper)
  • Resin – I’m using Envirotex Jewely resin which is a 2-part resin. (ICE or other jewelry resins would work too)
  • Craft wire of your choosing.  I used a 16 gauge gold colored wire. (Try not to go above 20 gauge)
  • Mod Podge
  • Strong white glue that will dry clear – PVA glue is nice for this.  If you can’t find that, undiluted Mod Podge or Elmers will work.
  • Wire tools (cutter)
  • Glitter
  • Sparkly thread (if desired)
  • Flat backed crystals/rhinestones
  • Wooden craft stick
  • Store-bought or handmade bail
  • E6000 or other strong adhesive for attaching to the bail
  • Store-bought chain or ribbon

How to make a resin pendant:

1.  Tear up some scrap paper and use Mod Podge to randomly glue strips to another piece of paper.  You want at least a 4 inch x 4 inch area.

A sales flyer and some old wrapping paper will work great for this project!

Random strips of wrapping paper were glued to the sales flyer

2.  Spread another thin layer of Mod Podge on the paper, sprinkle a little glitter on.

Glitter sprinkled on wet Mod Podge

3.  Let dry (about 30 min)

4.  Cut about a 4 inch length of wire.  Using the neck of a bottle or a ring mandrel, wrap the wire around it to form a circular shape the size that you would like your pendant to be.  Cut the wire so the ends meet.

Wrapping wire around a bottle to get the round shape

5.  Cut a few smaller lengths of wire and using your fingers or wire tools bend into shapes.  Arrange them so that they will fit inside your wire circle. I really like the abstract look, so I just made random swirls.  (If you have a jewelry hammer and a dapping block, you can gently hammer your wire just to work harden it to make it keep it’s shape a little better, but this is not required. It will be okay if you don’t work harden it.)

Pieces of wire for the pendant

6.  Once you paper has dried, turn it over and coat the back of it with a thin layer of Mod Podge.  Let dry.

7.  Turn your paper back over so it is design side up.  Put a thick layer of clear-drying glue on it.  (You can try Mod Podge but it might not be strong enough.  I used PVA adhesive.  Elmers would probably work well too.)

8.  Place your paper on some wax paper to protect your working surface.  Arrange your wire on the paper. Try not to get glue on the top of the wire.  (I had put it on too much of the paper, so I covered the areas with the excess glue by folding in the paper.  You could also just cover it with another sheet of paper.

Arrange wire on paper. (I put a little sparkly thread on the glue before placing the wire.)

I folded over the edges of the paper to mask the excess glue

9.  Cover the wire with wax paper and carefully place a heavy weight (like a bunch of books) on your pendant so that the wire will really be contacting the paper as the glue dries. The wax paper should keep it from sticking to your weight.

Yes, the pendant is under all these books!

10.  Let dry for several hours. (Over night is good.)

11. Mix a small amount of resin (about 1/8 ounce is good) according to instructions.

12.  Using a disposable spoon or wooden craft stick carefully add resin to your pendant. At this time, you may want to carefully place in some flat backed crystals. (Tweezers or toothpicks are helpful for doing that. Just put the crystals where you want them – you can make adjustments with a toothpick.) If the crystals are slightly thicker than the wire and poke up a tiny bit out of the resin, don’t worry. You just won’t get a perfectly flat pendant. (It won’t be very obvious to the casual observer.)

Wet resin has just been added to the pendant. Try to keep all the resin inside the pendant. (The shiny area outside the pendant in this photo is dried glue, not resin.)

13.  Let dry.  Don’t touch it while it the resin is curing for 24 hours. If you notice bubbles within the first hour or so, you can blow gently on them to make them pop.  (It takes about 12 hours for resin to get soft solid stage.  After 24 hours, it is safe to touch but will be hardest after 48 hours.

14.  Cut out your pendant. Glue on a store-bought bail or make one out of wire and glue it on.

I made a handmade bail from wire and glued it on with E-6000 glue

15.  Put it on a chain or ribbon and you’re all done.  Enjoy!

Resin and paper pendant

My sparkly pendant is all ready to wear!

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