How to Make Cheery Day Paper Beads

These colorful Cheery Day paper beads are bright and fun and are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Make paper beads in your school’s colors or your favorite team’s colors. Make some beads for holiday arts and crafts projects. Red, white, and blue make great 4th of July beads. Orange and black beads are perfect for Halloween!


  • Glue (such as Mod podge or Elmers or PVA glue)
  • Bead roller (Metal dowels make great rollers.  A drinking straw or toothpick can also work.)
  • White sheet of paper
  • Markers – Sharpies markers are great because they are bright and not water soluble so they won’t run when you glue them.  You can experiment with using other types of markers, but you may want to first check to see if that marker’s colors will run when exposed to the water in the glue.


1. Cut your sheet of white paper into a 3/4 inch by 11 inch triangles.

Triangle of white paper

Cut triangle of white paper

2. Place the triangles on something to protect your work surface from the markers.  (Wax paper or newspaper are both good options.)

3.  Using the Sharpies or other makers, color your paper in stripes of color.  Have fun with it!

Colors Used for Oval Bead

Colors Used for Oval Bead


Colors for the Cone Bead

Colors used for the Cone Bead

5.  Using your glue and bead roller, roll the paper bead.  Carefully remove the bead from the dowel. (Check out my How to Make a Rolled Paper bead tutorial for more info.)

Rolling the Bead

Rolling, rolling, rolling…


6.  Seal with mod podge and let  your new paper bead dry on wax paper.  (Drying time is about 1 hour.)

Cheery Day Beads

Cheery Day Beads


Now, don’t you feel cheerier already?



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