How to make Cone Shaped paper beads

Cone shaped paper beads

Cone Shaped Paper Beads


1.  Start with a triangular sheet of paper.  In this video, I used scrapbook paper that was 3/4 inch at the base of the triangle and 12 inches long.

2. Using a bead roller or a toothpick or small tube or dowel, start rolling the bead.  (See my Review of the Paper Roller Tools Kit or Let’s Get Rolling: 5 Kits for Making Paper Beads for more information on where to get bead rollers.) Apply a little bit of glue as you roll to keep the bead from unrolling.

3.  To make it cone shaped, roll the bead with one of the edges of the paper flush to the edge of the bead.

Rolling Cone Bead

Rolling the Cone Bead

Watch the Video Tutorial Below to Learn How to Make Cone Shaped Beads



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