How to make Cylinder shaped Paper Beads

How to Make Paper BeadsBasic Instructions

1. To make a cylinder shape, start with a long rectangular strip of paper. (I usually use a 3/4 inch x 8.5 inch strip of paper.)  In the tutorial, I used scrap paper which I had painted green.

2.  Using a bead roller or a toothpick or small tube or dowel, start rolling the bead.  (See my Review of the Paper Roller Tools Kit or Let’s Get Rolling: 5 Kits for Making Paper Beads for more information on where to get bead rollers.) Apply a little bit of while glue (ie. Elmers) or Mod Podge as you roll to keep the bead from unrolling.

3.  Optional: When the bead is completely dry, lightly sand the flat ends with a fine grit sand paper.

4.  Add a bit of color by painting the ends of the beads.  Use a small brush and acrylic paint. (I used Gold colored Liquitex Basics Acrylic Color — see Liquitex on Amazon.)


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