Make a Mini Hardcover Book Pendant

How to Make A Hardcover Book NecklaceI’m fascinated with bookbinding.

I love mini book necklaces, and I think they are amazing.  Most tiny books I have seen are made by sewing the pages to the spine.

I thought it would be fun to make a hard bound book with “perfect” binding.  “Perfect” binding is where you glue the pages into the book.  It’s a pretty quick and easy way make a book.

No sewing required!

This little book pendant can be used on a necklace.  You can even open it up and write in it!

Video Instructions (scroll down for written instructions)

Materials needed:

  • White glue (such as Elmers or PVA glue)
  • Jump ring (and jewelry pliers)
  • Small hole punch or large needle
  • Scissors

For the cover

  • 2 contrasting sheets of scrapbook paper.   The sheet for the outside should be about 2.5 inches x 2 inches.  The inner will be slightly smaller.  (We’ll cut the inner sheet later.)
  • Cardboard. (I used cardboard from a cereal box.)  Cut two pieces 1 inch x 3/4 inches.  Cut 1 piece about 1 x 1/4 inch.  (You need it to be as thick as the stack of paper sheets that go inside the book.)

For the inner pages

  • Approximately 30 sheets of paper.  The sheets should be 1 inch  x 3/4 inch.  Stack them on top of each other.  I use a binder clip to hold them in place.
Supplies for Book


Basic Instructions (see the video for more detail.)

1.  Place the 3 pieces of cardboard on the wrong side of your outside cover scrapbook paper.  They should line up about 1/8 inch apart.  Glue them carefully to the scrapbook paper.  There should be about 1/4 inch from the edge of the paper to the cardboard all the way around.

2.  Cut the excess scrapbook paper off diagonally at the corners.  Do not cut all the way to the cardboard corners — leave about 1 mm of space there.

3.  Fold the scrapbook paper over the cardboard and glue.

4.  Cut your inside scrapbook paper so that it is slightly smaller than the rectangle that you have just created.  Glue it on the inside.  You now have your cover of the book.

5.  Using a very small hole punch (about 1 mm), punch a hole in the spine about 1/4 inch from the top of the book.  (You can also use a large sewing needle.)

6.  At this point, I like to put the jump ring through the hole using the jewelry pliers.

7.  Take the inner pages.  Keeping them in the binder clip, make sure that the edges are neat.  Then put a generous amount of glue along 1 of the long edges.

8.  Place the inner pages into the cover so that it glues to the inside of the spine.  Press the paper firmly back against the spine to make sure it adheres.  Carefully place the binder clip on the outside of the cover to hold the book together.

9.  Put aside and let dry for several hours.  (Try to resist opening and closing the book while it is drying because that will make the pages more likely to fall out.)

When everything is dry, place on a necklace and enjoy!

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