How to Make Paper Bead Angels

You can make each beaded angel unique by making the gowns out of different color beads.

You can make each angel unique by making the gowns out of different color beads.

With the Christmas holidays coming, I thought a beaded angel would be the perfect project for your cone shaped paper beads.

Beaded angels are very simple to make.  Once you have made your paper beads, it only takes a few minutes to complete the angel.  Putting them on a necklace or bracelet would make a nice gift!  You could even put them on a ribbon and make a pretty bookmark.

For this project, I was inspired by beaded angel instructions from Fire Mountain Gems, but decided to add a little paper bead flair to it. (Edit: Fire Mountain also has a cool Angel Designer for picking out beads for making angels!)

The cool thing about using paper beads with beaded angels is that you can make their gowns in lots of different unique colors depending on the paper you use.




Triangular strip of paper  – approximately 3/4 inches by 8-1/2 inches.   Before cutting the paper, I randomly painted the blank side of some discarded mail with a light coating of acrylic paints and let the paper dry.


ModPodge – I almost always use ModPodge glue for rolling the paper bead (see on Amazon).  You can also use white glue such as Elmers glue. (The advantage of modge podge is that, when you’re done rolling, you can paint a thin layer on the outside of the paper to protect the bead a little more.  You can also use Minwax Polycrylic to protect the outside of the bead for a more durable coating. See my post on How to Protect Your Paper Beads)

Angel Wing Beads – I got mine at Fire Mountain Gems  but you can also get angel wing beads on Amazon and other other stores like Michaels Crafts and Joanns.

5 mm silver bead or bead color of your choosing for the angel’s head.  Clear also looks pretty.

5 mm  spacer bead for the halo. I used a silver plated rhinestone bead from Michael’s Crafts Bead Gallery Collection. It is approx 5 mm wide.   There are some similar spacer beads on Amazon (Note: Reviewers on Amazon commented that these aren’t Swarovski, though they are labeled as such.  However, they will work well for this project.)

Seed Bead – 6/0 – You want something small but not too small that it will slip through the stringing hole your angel’s gown.  Color of  your own choosing.


20 g wire – Approximately 3 or 4 inches of silver plated or silver color wire.

Wire cutter

Round nose pliers

Bent nose or straight pliers



1.  Make a cone shaped paper bead for the angel’s gown.

Take the strip of paper.  Leaving the inch or so closest to the roll dry, apply mod podge or other white glue to the back of the strip.  Using a narrow tube, toothpick, or other roller, roll it into a cone shape by keeping 1 side of the strip lined up with the edge. (Find paper bead rollers on Amazon.)

Slide the bead off the roller and let  it dry on a piece of wax paper. (For more info on making paper beads, see my post on How to Make Paper Beads from Rolled Paper)

Roll the paper bead

Finished bead

2.  Prepare the wire.

Take the wire and bend the last 1/2 inch back on itself with your bent nose or straight pliers.  Use the wire cutter to clip the smaller end about 1 or 2 mm from the bend.

Bending the wire

3.  Put the angel together by stringing the beads on the wire.

Slide the seed bead onto the wire. The bend in the wire should keep it from sliding all the way off the wire.  If the bend in the wire doesn’t keep the bead from falling off, try using a heavier gauge wire or try using a headpin that the bead won’t slip off of. (You can purchase headpins at your craft store.)



Then, slip the gown (paper bead), wings, head, and halo (spacer bead) onto the wire.


4. Finish by adding a loop.


Using your round pliers, create a small loop at the top of the angel’s head.  Clip off the excess wire.





Use a jump ring to attach this to a necklace or other piece of jewelry.









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