Review of the Paper Bead Roller Tools Kit

Paper Bead Roller Kit

Paper Bead Roller Kit

I just got a Paper Bead Roller Tool kit in the mail!

I was given a 5 piece set by the manufacturer who sells the tool kit on Amazon. Unfortunately, this kit is no longer available.   For more information on bead rolling tools, check out my article on other types of rollers and beadmaking kits.


I was happy to take a look at it because I usually roll beads with small metal tubes.  It’s always nice to find out ways to make rolling beads easier.

This is a nifty little set of bead rollers that help make rolling paper beads a breeze.  I found these easier than using toothpicks or knitting needles because there are slots in the metal shaft.  The slots help to hold the paper when you are starting to roll the bead.

My 10 year old son  tried using it with one of the big sizes.  After a couple of attempts and with a little supervision, he was able to roll  a paper bead in about 15 seconds. (He  just had to make sure he held the paper against the tube so it would stay in the tube while he was rolling it.)

Bead Roller

The metal shaft has a slit that helps hold the paper as you roll the bead.


Video Review and Demo


What do you get for your money?

  • 5 bead rollers with different widths
  • Instructions for using the roller
  • Instructions for making different shapes of paper beads
  • Offer for free sample of Diamond Glaze for coating and protecting your beads

Good for New and Experienced Paper Beaders

Because it contains multiple sizes of rollers, this is a good set for crafters who are starting out with paper beading and who might feel more comfortable with larger rollers.

It’s also good for people who have experience with rolling paper beads.  The smaller rollers are little harder to use than the bigger rollers just because they require a little bit more dexterity.  With practice, though, they definitely can speed up your paper bead making.

Each roller has a different width shaft

Each roller has a different width shaft

Each handle is color coded according to the size of the metal tube. Having multiple sizes is great.  (I often make beads with different sized holes.)  If you want to string your beads with wire or beading thread, use the smaller sized tubes.  On the other hand, if you want to string your beads with something like yarn, use the bigger size roller.

The only potential drawback is that the metal shaft for each roller is only 1 inch to 2 inches long, so the width of the paper bead is limited to the length of the tube.  However, for me, this isn’t really an issue because I almost never make beads more than 1 or 1-1/2 inches wide anyway. If you want to make wider beads, you’ll need a different tool.

Where can you get it?

The Paper Bead Roller Tools kit is handmade in the USA and available to purchase on amazon for approximately $20.

For more information on bead rolling tools, check out my article on other types of rollers and beadmaking kits.

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