Review: Paper Jewellry (Design and Make)

If you are looking for a spectacular book with lots of beautiful photos of museum quality paper jewelry, you won’t be disappointed with Paper Jewellery (Design and Make) Methods and Techniques.

It is written by British silversmith and 3D jewelry designer, Sarah Kelly. She gives readers a glimpse into the many varied and creative techniques for constructing paper jewelry. I’ve written about Sarah Kelly and her store, Saloukee, in my previous post on 5 Amazing Paper Jewelry Artists. The pieces in her store are items that you would see on the fashion runway — definitely haute couture. Kelly covers a decent range of paper craft techniques including sculptural pleating, knitting with paper yarn, book binding, molded forms, and laser cutting. Each technique’s section is accompanied by a selection of representative pieces by paper artists from all around the world.

The Good Stuff

  • Beautiful Photography – High quality, color photos are found in the how-to sections and the representative artwork. I love how she used fairly large photos, especially in the tutorial sections.
  • Variety – Although the book is only 143 pages long, there is a nice range of variety and imaginative designs. My favorite was the paper pleating designs. The Victorian-era look was striking.
  • Original Ideas – The items in here are out-of-the-box and refreshingly unusual.
  • Technique and Method Tutorials – Includes clear step-by-step explanations of techniques and methods that you can incorporate in your own original artwork. For example, you will learn how to incorporate coptic bookbinding into your paper jewelry.
  • Recommended Reading List – In case you wanted to explore any concept deeper, Sarah Kelly includes a reading list of recommended books.
  • Easy to Read – She uses plain language along with a clean and clear, well-designed layout for all of the pages throughout the book.

The No So Good Stuff

  • Suppliers outside of USA – Many recommended suppliers are outside US.  The suppliers themselves are probably quite good.  However, for an American reading this, many suppliers are from overseas.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you may have to search elsewhere for other suppliers if you are unable to get items from her recommended suppliers.
  • Projects versus Techniques – If you want to use this book just for paper jewelry projects, you may find the book to be a little lacking as there are no start-to-finish projects in here.  (However, you will get lots of ideas from the creative techniques which you can incorporate into your own projects!)

Some Really Cool Stuff

If you’re looking for a really exciting option, instead of purchasing on Amazon, you can click here to buy copies of Paper Jewellry (Design and Make) signed by the author, Sarah Kelly.

But in the End…

Whether you want to use Paper Jewellery (Design and Make) Methods and Techniques as a coffee table book or a book to help take your paper jewelry design to the next level, this is a beautiful book to have in any jewelry lover’s library.


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