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How to Make Cylindrical Beads

How to make Cylinder shaped Paper Beads

Basic Instructions 1. To make a cylinder shape, start with a long rectangular strip of paper. (I usually use a 3/4 inch x 8.5 inch strip of paper.)  In the tutorial, I used scrap paper which I had painted green. 2.  Using a bead roller or a toothpick or small tube or dowel, start rolling […]

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Sealants Image

How to Protect Your Paper Beads

I’ve seen a lot of questions from paper crafters wondering which sealant they should seal their paper beads with before making them into jewelry. So, I decided to get out some of my favorite sealants I’ve used on my own beads and test them against each other. Paper Beads Sealants: Krylon Low-Odor Clear Finish Spray […]

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How to Make a Necklace Display Stand in 10 Minutes

This is an inexpensive and fast way to make a cloth covered necklace holder to show off your paper jewelry. I was inspired after reading a post from the Stella + Hodge blog.  She made really pretty necklace holders with decorative paper. I decided to cover mine with fabric to make it a little sturdier. […]

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How to Make a Paper Bead and Paper Clip Bracelet

Make a Bracelet from a Paper Clip Chain

I remember when I was little I would make jewelry out of paper clips.  Chains of paper clips taken from my parents’ office desks became necklaces and bracelets.  They were all so easy to make because all I had to do was clip the paper clips together! This project takes paper clip chain jewelry one […]

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Cheery Day Beads

How to Make Cheery Day Paper Beads

These colorful Cheery Day paper beads are bright and fun and are guaranteed to brighten your day. Make paper beads in your school’s colors or your favorite team’s colors. Make some beads for holiday arts and crafts projects. Red, white, and blue make great 4th of July beads. Orange and black beads are perfect for […]

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How to Make Paper Beads from Rolled Paper

Rolled paper beads are fun and fast to make. You can go green and use old newpaper, magazines, or mail. Or you can use store-bought scrap booking paper or other types of paper. This tutorial will show you how to make 2 shapes of rolled beads – oval and cone. (When you finish making beads, […]

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