Faux Turquoise from Junk Mail

Paper Bead Stones

Paper Bead “Turquoise”

I get way too much junk mail.  

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. After all, junk mail is an awesome and never ending source of free crafting material.

A good portion of the mail goes right into my shredder. Shredded paper is great for making homemade paper and paper clay. Plus it’s earth friendly since we are recycling.

How I Made Faux Turquoise:

  1. Breaking off small pieces of homemade paper clay, I made small asymmetrical “rocks”. (See my tutorial on how to make paper clay.)
  2. After they dried, I drilled a hole in each “stone”.
  3. Then, I painted and sealed them.

Voila…Faux turquoise stones!  

That’s much more fun than reading junk mail, isn’t it?

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